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Naveen Jindal leads steel delegation to Odisha CM, highlights growth prospects and skilling initiatives

Bhubaneswar, July 9 (TBB Bureau):  The third-time MP of Lok Sabha and Chairman of Jindal Steel & Power (JSP), Naveen Jindal, on Tuesday led a delegation from the Indian Steel Association to meet with the newly appointed Chief Minister of Odisha, Mohan Charan Majhi. The delegation, comprising key stakeholders of Odisha’s steel industry, convened to extend congratulations and discuss the promising future of the state’s steel sector under the new administration.

Jindal underscored Odisha’s pivotal role in India’s steel industry, citing its abundant mineral resources and strategic geographical advantage. Emphasizing the imperative of green energy and sustainable practices, he highlighted opportunities for expanding production capacities and venturing into advanced steel manufacturing, which would significantly bolster the state’s economic landscape.

During the meeting, discussions focused on vital infrastructure projects such as slurry pipelines, aimed at enhancing operational efficiencies within the sector. Jindal expressed optimism regarding Jindal Steel & Power’s expansion plans at its Angul facility in Odisha, projecting a substantial increase to 12 MTPA in steelmaking capacity by next year, up from its current 6 MTPA capacity.

“In the next six years, we envision establishing the world’s largest steel plant in Angul, Odisha,” stated Jindal, affirming JSP’s steadfast commitment to Odisha’s industrial advancement and economic prosperity.

The meeting concluded on an optimistic note, with both industry leaders and government officials reaffirming their commitment to fostering a conducive environment for sustainable growth and development of Odisha’s steel sector.

The rendezvous between Jindal and CM Majhi marks a pivotal moment in aligning industrial ambitions with state priorities, promising a transformative era for Odisha’s steel industry

In a notable gesture towards fostering skilled workforce development, Jindal also visited prominent educational institutions in Bhubaneswar, including CV Raman Global University and Gram Tarang project of Centurion University. He lauded Odisha’s pioneering initiatives in skill development, emphasizing the potential for collaboration between industries and educational institutions to empower the state’s youth through advanced skilling programs.

“Rest of India can learn a lot from Odisha,” remarked Jindal, praising the comprehensive skill development initiatives witnessed during his visit. “The Skilling Centres visited by me are running excellent skill development programs that can empower our youth,” he added.

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