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TPWODL assures uninterrupted power supply amidst sweltering heat

BURLA, MAY 28, 2024 (TBB BUREAU): As a relentless heatwave continues to sweep through western Odisha, TPWODL has committed to providing uninterrupted electricity across its service area. In response to soaring temperatures, the company has implemented proactive measures to prevent potential disruptions and ensure that consumers stay connected to the grid.

To address maintenance challenges during the hot summer, TPWODL has mobilized its workforce and supplied them with the necessary tools across all nine districts under its jurisdiction. The command centre in Burla has instructed that power disconnections should only occur when essential for repair and maintenance, with the safety of field personnel as a top priority.

The increased demand for electricity, driven by extensive use of electrical appliances during the heatwave, has put a strain on power lines and substations, causing occasional breakdowns on 33kV or 11kV feeders. Temporary power cuts may be necessary to facilitate swift repair works and ensure the reliability of the electrical infrastructure.

Reaffirming its commitment to consumer welfare, TPWODL has assured customers that any power outage is promptly addressed by its dedicated maintenance teams. The company emphasized that it never implements undisclosed power cuts and strives to restore power quickly in the event of any disruptions.

Consumers experiencing power-related issues are encouraged to contact TPWODL’s maintenance team, available 24/7, by calling the toll-free number 1800-3456-798.

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