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AirAsia India expands partnership with NAVBLUE



AirAsia (India) Limited has signed a long-term agreement with NAVBLUE to use N-Flight Planning, Airport Obstacle Database (AODB), and Flysmart+ services. AirAsia India, a NAVBLUE customer since start of its operations in 2014, has also signed up for Navigation+.

The NAVBLUE solutions portfolio provides an efficient path for AirAsia India to grow and expand their operations domestically and internationally. The connected and automated Operational Control Center suite enables AirAsia India to continue its relentless focus on efficiency, meeting the challenges of a growing fleet and route network.

Navigation+ will provide AirAsia India with a comprehensive and accurate navigation database.

This cost-effective solution will also enable future Airbus Take-Off Surveillance and Monitoring functions (TOS-2).

Talking about the association, Capt. Manish Uppal, Head of Operations at AirAsia India, said “We are excited to be associated with NAVBLUE which offers unique and diverse portfolio solutions for managing Flight Operations. With our common innovative vision, we look forward to working with NAVBLUE in improving our operational efficiency.”

Bengaluru-headquartered AirAsia India Limited is a joint-venture between Tata Sons Private Limited and AirAsia Investment Limited. The airline which commenced operations on June 12, 2014, flies to 19 destinations across India.

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