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Amway India celebrates ‘Healthy Wali Diwali’



In line with its endeavour to encourage people to embrace holistic well-being and to prioritize health and hygiene, Amway India has introduced ‘Healthy Wali Diwali’ campaign, to spread festive cheer by organising sessions across healthy living and cooking, beauty, and home hygiene for Amway Direct Selling Partners and their customers across regions.

The rise of passion-based communities has been a striking trend witnessed recently as people come together to celebrate special moments and occasions. As people gear up for the festivities, Amway is focusing on the importance of health, happiness, and home hygiene while fostering the spirit of togetherness to make the festivities memorable. In the East region, the company organized a series of interventions on healthy cooking, skincare and home hygiene aimed at creating awareness about the importance of health – in, out and around under its ‘Healthy Wali Diwali’ campaign.

Commenting on the initiatives, Chandra Bhushan Chakraborty, Senior Vice President – East & West region, Amway India said, “With heightened enthusiasm and celebrations bigger and brighter each year, we, at Amway India, continue to witness the prioritization of health and holistic well-being amongst consumers. In line with this trend and reinforcing our commitment to helping people live better, healthier lives, we have been bringing passion-based communities together to share and exchange knowledge on healthy living, beauty, and home hygiene. The sessions under our ‘Healthy Wali Diwali’ campaign were focussed on health – in, out and around where expert speakers shared easy and healthy recipes, beauty, skincare and home hygiene tips with our AmwayDirect Selling Partners.With festivals right ahead of us, these unique initiatives help people elevate their festive celebrations through engaging product experiences, ensuring the well-being of themselves and their loved ones.”

To encourage healthy choices, Amway organised cooking sessions on scrumptious yet easy-to-make healthy delicacies with Amway’s Nutrilite All Plant Protein using Amway Queen Cookware range, wherein the latter offers excellent cooking performance with almost zero oil usage.Adding to the vigour of the celebrations, the company conducted workshops on how to up thebeauty quotient with its make-up and colour range by Attitude while also ensuring care for skin with its range of premium skincare products by Artistry.Further, focusing on home hygiene,interactive sessions on quick tips and tricks for a clean and sparkling home helped people address last-minute cleaning woes.

Embracing the wave of digitization, Amway has scaled up these initiatives by making them virtual and reaching a larger set of consumers to spread awareness. Alongside, the company is also focused on reiterating the importance of healthy living and nutritious eating while fostering the spirit of community building to celebrate differently while helping others.

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