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Ayouthveda – A synergy of beauty and health


NEW DELHI, NOV 20, 2021

Not keeping itself limited to healing various ailments, Ayurveda is now coming up as a key to beauty combined with health. No wonder, cosmetic products with medicinal properties are now the new fad in the market.

In one of such initiatives, Delhi-based AIMIL Pharma in collaboration with Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Kannauj, an institution set up by the Union Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Ministry, has developed a line of beauty products – Ayouthveda – for the health-conscious beauty market.

“This has twin benefits – on the one hand these products enhance beauty without compromising with health; and on the other hand, the well-being of the consumers is also ensured by acting as natural supplements and curbing progression of infection, if any,” said Dr. Sanchit Sharma, Executive Director, AIMIL Pharma on Friday during the launch of the line of products at an event in New Delhi.

In fact, the Government is also encouraging Ayurveda in food and beauty products.  Moreover, people also have become aware about the harmful impact of chemical-laden beauty products particularly for skin and hair as a result they are giving priority to Ayurveda-enriched cosmetics.

Bollywood actress Hina Khan seconded Sharma’s views saying that now people are switching from harmful chemical-based personal care products to safe and wonderful Ayurvedic products. This is positive trend, she added.

Though, at present there are a range of herbal beauty products in the market, Ayouthveda is a cosmetic with a difference – prepared by adding time-tested herbs which are also used in medicines.

Sharma shared that the Ayouthveda products have been developed after intense research. “Before launching in the market, researchers have conducted in-depth studies as a result of which these products have a unique integration of herbs and beauty ingredients,” he said.

There are many products in the Ayouthveda line of cosmetics which can be useful in day-to-day usages. Among these are Anti-Acne Face Wash Gel sourced from an exotic garcinia fruit to treat pimples which are useful for oily and dry skin, and an Anti-Hair fall Tonic in which 42 kinds of herbs and eight types of essential oils including bhringraj, amla, onion, neem, kalonji and many more have been used.

With the National Capital Region combating toxic air, consumers in Delhi can take interest in Ayouthveda Gold Day cream enriched with Kashmir keshar, gold powder and mulethi to reduce the ill effects of the poisonous particulate matter in polluted air, advised Sharma.

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