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Dalmia Cement launches ‘RCF Expert’ brand campaign with Ranveer Singh as Ambassador



In a strategic move aimed at empowering customers with the right knowledge and usage of cement, particularly in the crucial segments of Roof Column Foundation, Dalmia Cement is revolutionizing its brand focus with the launch of the campaign “RCF Strong toh Ghar Strong.” This customer-centric initiative seeks to raise awareness among home builders and contractors regarding the importance of selecting the appropriate cement, employing it correctly, and adhering to best construction practices to realize their dream homes.

The campaign, positioning Dalmia Cement as the unrivaled ‘RCF Expert,’ will prominently feature Superstar Ranveer Singh. It will be introduced through a comprehensive multimedia approach, leveraging Singh’s influence to amplify the brand’s message of unparalleled technical expertise and exemplary service, encapsulated by the slogan, “RCF Strong toh Ghar Strong.”

Puneet Dalmia, MD & CEO of Dalmia Bharat Limited, expressed his thoughts on this initiative, stating, “Throughout our illustrious eight-decade journey, Dalmia Cement has been instrumental in nation-building, contributing to the creation of iconic national landmarks and countless happy homes. Homes hold immense sentimental value for individuals, representing a cherished legacy passed down through generations. Thus, constructing such enduring assets with the right application of cement and technical proficiency not only ensures structural integrity but also symbolizes a lifelong investment.”

“Our new brand campaign not only embodies a rich legacy but also underscores our commitment to consumer-centricity, conveying the fundamental message that constructing a home with meticulous care equates to building it for generations to come,” he added.

Ranveer Singh shared his excitement about collaborating with Dalmia Cement, saying, “I’ve long admired Dalmia Cement’s contributions to the construction sector spanning over 80 years. I am thrilled to partner with the company and advocate for the pivotal role of Roof Column and Foundation in home construction. Together, we aspire to educate individuals to make informed choices, ensuring that every structure withstands the test of time.”

Sameer Nagpal, COO of Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd., emphasized the brand’s commitment to enriching consumers’ lives by enabling informed decisions. He highlighted Dalmia Cement’s extensive expertise in optimizing cement formulations tailored for Roof Column and Foundation, recognizing these as pivotal elements for a structure’s strength and longevity. In addition to providing specialized cement for RCF, the brand boasts a dedicated technical workforce on the ground, offering guidance to home builders and contractors on correct cement utilization. The RCF campaign aims to spotlight this value proposition, showcasing Dalmia Cement’s unwavering dedication to empowering consumers with the knowledge and resources for durable, resilient homes.


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