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Drone solution startup AUS acquires Algopixel Technologies



Leading end-to-end drone solutions startup AUS acquired Algopixel Technologies, a Bengaluru-based software solution provider for drone operation management and cloud-based data processing for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition will accelerate AUS’s journey towards building robust and scalable end-to-end solutions for sectors like mining, infrastructure, land records, and precision farming.

Algopixel was founded by Abhiroop Bhatnagar and Rishabh Gupta in the year 2015.

On the occasion Vipul Singh, Co-founder, and CEO, AUS said, “Our partnership with Algopixel is part of our playbook to boost the Human Development Index by utilizing robust and impactful end-to-end drone solutions for some very critical sectors globally. Algopixel team has the clarity and capability to help us build the future roadmap that we have planned. We are actively seeking more such partnerships with like-minded companies, investors, and people globally.”

Abhiroop Bhatnagar, co-founder, Algopixel Technologies said, “AUS’s capability to deliver at scale and their vision about the future applications of drones aligns with our vision about how we wish to see drone technology adding value to the life of citizens globally. This acquisition will help us in propelling faster and better towards the future of the drone industry. We are excited about working side by side with the AUS team.”

AUS has recently bagged major contracts from Survey of India, Tata Steel, and a few other known enterprises. The acquisition will enable AUS to further strengthen its end-to-end solution pipeline and make it future-ready for large-scale impactful solutions for global markets.

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