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Greenply Industries to plant 50 million saplings by 2025



Greenply Industries, one of India’s largest interior infrastructure brands with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing a comprehensive range of plywood, block boards, MDF, decorative veneers, flush doors, and other allied products, on Wednesday announced the pledge to plant 50 million saplings by the year 2025 which is aimed at environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The company plans to plant these saplings across the states of Gujarat, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Besides environmental protection, the plantation activity will help in sustainable procurement of raw material and the financial viability of the ecosystem while generating employment opportunities for the local communities where the organization functions.

With an ever-growing focus on environmental responsibility and the insistent need to combat climate change, Greenply Industries recognizes the significance of committed involvement in creating a greener future. By setting this ambitious target, the company aims to contribute substantially to the restoration of forests, combat deforestation, and boost the overall ecological balance.

Commenting on the occasion, Manoj Tulsian, Joint Managing Director & CEO, Greenply Industries, said, “Our pledge to plant 50 million samplings by 2025 is an extension to our commitment towards environment and sustainability. Environment Social Governance has become an integral part of decision-making for Greenply, and the company has been undertaking activities beyond tree plantation to keep its environmental impact under check, to reduce emissions and move towards renewable energy generation. In the coming years, the focal point in our sustainability agenda will be to objectively consider all potential sustainability impacts that might affect both our business and stakeholders, going beyond the financial and strategic risks we currently take into consideration.”

Greenply has already implemented various sustainable practices and initiatives throughout its operations. The company continuously invests in advanced technologies and processes to minimize its carbon footprint and enhance resource efficiency. By extending its efforts to reforestation, Greenply Industries aims to create a virtuous cycle of sustainable development that benefits both the company and the environment.

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