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Greenply Industries unveils new campaign with Jr. NTR for Zero Emission product range



Greenply Industries Limited, one of India’s largest interior infrastructure companies, has embarked on an exciting new journey with the launch of its new brand campaign for the innovative Zero Emission (E-0) product range.

The Television Commercial (TVC) reflects the captivating charisma of one of India’s most successful commercial stars, N. T. Rama Rao Jr.

Greenply has been a trendsetter of advertising within the wood-panel industry, and with this partnership, it is setting yet another milestone.

Greenply introduced India’s first-of-its-kind zero-emission plywood range in the year 2021, setting new standards for product innovations in the wood panel industry. The brand’s new TV commercial is set to make waves, showcasing Jr. NTR as the hero who champions the cause of healthy interiors. The story of two carpenters discovering the benefits of Greenply after a dramatic encounter with the Telegu superstar is sure to captivate audiences, reminiscent of the electrifying charm of a South Indian blockbuster.

The commercial unfolds in a bustling workshop, where two carpenters labor diligently with ordinary plywood. Their discomfort becomes evident as they battle the harmful emissions emitting from the plywood, causing eye irritation, and breathing difficulties. In a true action-heroic style, Jr. NTR makes an entrance, confidently strides towards his cut-out, and with a bold kick, he sends the wooden cut-out made from ordinary plywood tumbling, declaring a victory over ordinary harmful emission plywood. A moment of comprehension dawns upon the carpenters, who join him in unison.

The TVC depicts Jr. NTR and Greenply’s Zero Emission plywood as a hero who fights the harmful emissions from ordinary plywood, protecting the consumers from its harmful effects.

Greenply Industries Joint Managing Director and CEO Manoj Tulsian expressed his delight at this collaboration, stating, “Greenply Industries has always been at the forefront of innovation in the plywood industry. Our Zero Emission product range is a testament to our commitment to product innovation and the well-being of our consumers. We are thrilled to have Jr. NTR as our brand ambassador, as both Greenply and Jr. NTR share mutual values of sustainability and a deep commitment to the environment. We are certain that his charismatic pan-India appeal will help us reach a wider audience and create greater awareness about the critical role of eco-friendly products in the home interiors.”

As Greenply continues to push the boundaries of innovation, this collaboration with Jr. NTR marks a significant milestone in the brand’s journey. Greenply is strategically undertaking an extensive digital campaign amplification effort designed with a multifaceted approach. This comprehensive strategy will reach the target audience, leveraging key influencers, and harnessing the full potential of the digital landscape.

In addition to the robust digital presence, Greenply is also orchestrating an impactful activation of the campaign across more than 35 cities through Out-Of-Home (OOH) channels and various on-ground initiatives. This multi-pronged approach will ensure that the key message penetrates deep into urban and semi-urban areas, resonating with a diverse cross-section of the population. Television, playing a pivotal role in Greenply’s campaign, serves as a dynamic medium to engage directly with its end consumers. Through this medium, Greenply aims to disseminate its message of fostering healthy interiors and championing Zero Emission products. The exciting TV campaign is set to ignite enthusiasm and drive the company’s mission of creating eco-friendly living spaces across the nation.

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