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Hafele introduces advanced lighting systems



 Loox5 encapsulates the essence of four generations of lighting systems that have redefined home ambience and ergonomics over the last 12 years. With its high-quality LEDs, the Loox5 system provides high quality illumination to every desired nook and corner. It impresses with assembly that easily integrates in furniture production processes, smart and easy-to-use light control, and its connectivity to third-party systems.

The intelligent Loox 5 drivers represent the core of the easy-to-use plug and play Loox5 system. The new drivers come in two different power configurations – 12 V and 24 V and are applicable for universal applications ranging from ambient light to functional light with different light outputs. Clear colour coding of the plugs with individual design makes the system easy to assemble and install.

When you want to install a lighting system into your furniture, your planning would generally include the lights and their controlling devices like switches that are separately wired. Hafele introduces a reduced system which consists of these drivers where you can connect both the switch and the lights, thereby simplifying the entire set-up of the system. These drivers are exclusively intended for providing a stable power supply and come with a life time of 50,000 hours during permanent operation ensuring absolute durability.

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