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IIT Kanpur launches eMaster’s Degree in Renewable Energy and e-Mobility


KANPUR, OCT 27, 2023

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) has launched a one-of-a-kind eMaster’s degree program in Renewable Energy and e-Mobility. The eMaster’s program, designed by the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, is intended to build a capable and highly skilled workforce that can work towards environmental responsibility. This executive-friendly eMaster’s degree program does not require a GATE score to apply. It can be pursued without pausing professional careers. The flexibility to complete the program within 1-3 years has been provided as a bonus.

The e-Master’s program in Renewable Energy and e-Mobility helps harness the possibilities as the world accelerates its shift from fossil fuels, curbing carbon emissions, and combating climate change. The program presents a transformative journey towards innovative and eco-friendly solutions.

The program is tailored to expose the professionals to various technological aspects of this shift, including the generation side sources like photovoltaics, wind, batteries, hydrogen and the very fast-growing Electrical Vehicle domain. These twin forces of renewable Energy and e-mobility collectively drive innovation, reduce reliance on non-renewable resources, and foster a greener, more resilient world, addressing environmental and economic imperatives.

The global renewable energy market is expected to reach nearly US$2 trillion by 2030, requiring a highly skilled workforce to address challenges and seize opportunities.

The industry-relevant program offers a high-impact learning experience featuring live interactive weekend classes and self-paced learning. Distinguished faculty and accomplished researchers from IIT Kanpur lead the way. The program’s 60-credit curriculum, tailored for the industry, allows for seamless credit transfers towards higher education opportunities like MTech and PhD programs at IIT Kanpur, with the potential for waiving up to 60 credits. Participants also enjoy exclusive access to IIT Kanpur’s incubation cell and extensive alum network, enriching their career advancement and networking prospects. As part of the immersive learning journey, participants have the unique opportunity to visit the IIT Kanpur campus, where they can engage with renowned faculty members and network with seasoned professionals, ultimately earning the prestigious status of being an IIT Kanpur alumni.

This program empowers professionals with diverse expertise to address the challenges shaping our nation’s future. The cutting-edge eMaster’s degree programs, set to launch in January 2024, have attracted over 600 professionals who are propelling their careers in pioneering domains. It’s essential to note that, unlike many other diploma or professional courses, the eMaster’s degree program at IIT Kanpur confers formal Senate-approved degrees, which are awarded during convocation ceremonies.


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