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On ‘Safer Internet Day’ JioPages offers Secure Mode feature to safeguard internet users from trackers



JioPages is the first Indian browser to launch an in-built feature which ensures online privacy by stopping trackers from following the internet user while they browse online. With the launch of ‘Secure Mode’, JioPages is the go-to browser for Indian users for a secure browsing experience in addition to faster & customizable browsing. Now there’s no need to download extensions to ensure your online privacy.

The Secure Mode inside JioPages web browser is focused at ensuring a safer browsing experience & online privacy of its users by blocking every possible tracking mechanism such as Cookies, Fingerprinting, Web Beacons, Referrer Header, unwanted advertising, tracking resources etc. Currently, it is available inside JioPages’ android mobile version and the feature will soon be extended to JioPages’ Android TV & Jio set-top box users as well.

JioPages’ Secure Mode protects the identity of user, hides referrer header and performs Fingerprint Randomization (a defence technique against Fingerprinting which makes user look different to every website) and blocks all trackers from collecting any information that’s associated with the user.

It blocks all these tracking mechanisms and recommends enabling its Adblocker along with Secure Mode (both can be enabled together with one click inside the app). With this combination user’s data will not be shared anywhere and they will not see ads while they browse.

JioPages’ Secure Mode will hide websites’ tracking consent requests, so you will not have to see them every time you visit the website. By default, it will counter third-party trackers, yet not first-party trackers that are exclusive to the website you may visit and are important for your user experience. This feature may also have the effect of blocking the information made available to you by the website on their cookie policies.

It does not leave any trace behind for third-parties. Third parties (entity other than website being browsed) collect information with regards to browsing history, location, IP address etc. and at times even profile the users. JioPages’ Secure Mode blocks third party cookies and prevents trackers from collecting or sharing any information about their users

To access Secure Mode on mobile, one has to download JioPages for Play Store first. Then, in home screen tap on Hamburger menu in the bottom right corner; click on Secure Mode and finally click OK on Secure Mode Pop Up. You need to enable Adblock Plus for better and safer browsing experience.

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