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S Chand Group’s mobile app offers complete curriculum solution that empowers school ecosystem



Mylestone, a comprehensive digitally enabled curriculum for schools from S.Chand Group, offers an interactive mobile application that will allow seamless integration with the existing curriculum currently offered to schools by the platform.

Schools have seen massive disruption on account of the Covid pandemic, including physical closure due to lockdown and are slowly transitioning to a hybrid mode of physical and online education. Addressing this changed scenario, Mylestone -the school’s one-stop teaching and learning partner is nowan interactive mobile application aligned with theMylestone curriculum.

The application was launched last yearand is designed for schools to operate in a post Covid scenario to ensure there is no further interruption in their studies. The newer versionincludesfeatures like live teaching and learning integrated with all online platforms, designing assigning, and conducting online homework and assessment with analytics, doubt resolution support during students self-learning process and exhaustive syllabus completion, content consumption and student performance reports.

Speaking about the application, Vinay Sharma, CEO & Director – Convergia (S Chand Publishers) said “When schools were shut and books did not reach on time, Mylestone brought the entire curriculum online, using a digital portal and mobile app, and trained the teachers to conduct online classes so that teaching and learning continues during lockdown. During last year, online teaching and learning through Mylestone reached over 1.5 lac students across India.

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