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WhiteHat Jr joins NGO Cry to help kids make real-life mobile apps



Edtech company WhiteHat Jr on Tuesday said it has partnered non-governmental organisation CRY – Child Rights and You to inspire children to create real-world mobile applications.

As a part of this new partnership, CRY will recognize/certify participating WhiteHat Jr. students who create mobile apps furthering the cause of social impact. In addition, senior leaders from CRY will regularly engage with WhiteHat Jr students to inspire them to partake in social causes.

WhiteHat Jr’s curriculum encourages children to think constructively about and attempt to create solutions to the real-world issues they face. The outbound project, as it is called, is based on an idea submitted by the child.

“We receive hundreds of ideas every month from students who want to develop mobile applications with a vision to support the underprivileged or help contribute to society. This not-for-profit worldview in kids is incredibly inspiring and we’re delighted to partner with CRY to reinforce it,” said Karan Bajaj, Founder and CEO, WhiteHat Jr.

Over the past two years, WhiteHat Jr has witnessed students create hundreds of mobile apps centered on social impact themes. Examples include Food Donation, Blood/Organ Donation, Elder Care, Education, Helping people with physical/mental challenges, Emergency care, Child support and COVID Assistance Apps and more.

  “Ensuring that our younger generation is more attuned and empathetic towards kids with differences in privilege is a first step in finding solutions for a better tomorrow,” said Kreeanne Rabadi, Regional Direct – West, CRY.

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