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75th Independence Day: PM draws roadmap for all-round development of Nation


NEW DELHI, AUG 15, 2021

Drawing a roadmap for the all-round development of India and its people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that India has to march ahead with new pledges for the next 25 years.

“We have to ensure we meet our goal of building Aatmanirbhar Bharat when we celebrate 100 years of India’s Independence,” said the Prime Minister while addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of the country today.

Modi called for making the next 25 years glorious for India with ‘new thresholds, aspirations and dreams’ in the run-up to the centenary of its independence from British colonial rule. This will lead to an India which will have every modern infrastructure of the world, he said.

Describing the next 25 year as ‘amrit kaal’, a reference to deriving the best in every field, he said the nation cannot wait so long to attain these goals, making it imperative for everyone to make ‘prayas’ for this.

“We must lay the groundwork for new resolutions and move forward with new resolutions. Starting from here, the entire journey of the next 25 years, when we celebrate the centenary of Indian independence, marks the Amrit period of creation of a new India. The fulfilment of our resolutions in this Amrit period will take us to the hundredth anniversary of Indian independence with pride,” the Prime Minister said.

“The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to ascend to new heights of prosperity for India and the citizens of India. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to create an India where the level of facilities is not dividing the village and the city. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to build an India where the government does not interfere unnecessarily in the lives of citizens. The goal of ‘Amrit Kaal’ is to build an India where there is world’s every modern infrastructure,” he added.

While India has made rapid strides but there should be a ‘saturation’ of development and 100 per cent accomplishments with every village having roads, every family having bank account, every eligible person having health insurance, card and gas connection, he said. Stating that the world acknowledges India’s political will for big reforms, he noted that the country has received record foreign investment with its forex reserves at an all-time high.

 “We should not be lesser than anyone. This is the resolve of the crores of countrymen. But the resolve remains incomplete until it is not accompanied by the extreme hard work and courage. Therefore, we have to realize all our resolutions with hard work and courage, and these dreams and resolutions are also for effective contribution to a safe and prosperous world beyond our borders,” said the Prime Minister.

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