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India and Qatar reaffirm commitment to strengthen bilateral economic relations

New Delhi, June 6, 2024 (TBB Bureau):  The first meeting of the Joint Task Force on Investment (JTFI) between India and Qatar was held here on Thursday, marking a significant step forward in enhancing the economic partnership between the two nations. The meeting, co-chaired by Ajay Seth, Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and Mohamed bin Hassen Al-Malki, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Qatar, reaffirmed their commitment to bolstering bilateral economic ties.

“In the spirit of fostering mutual growth and prosperity, the Joint Task Force on investment has reaffirmed the commitment of both the nations to strengthen bilateral relations and to leverage the collective potential for accelerated growth, investment opportunities and synergistic collaboration across diverse sectors ranging from infrastructure and energy to technology and innovation,” according to a Finance Ministry statement.

The JTFI meeting underscored the importance of the robust economic relationship between India and Qatar, rooted in shared values, common objectives, and a shared vision for inclusive development. Both nations recognize the vast potential that lies in their collaborative efforts, particularly in sectors such as infrastructure development, energy cooperation, technological advancements, and innovation.

Ajay Seth highlighted the strategic significance of the partnership, stating that enhanced cooperation would not only facilitate economic growth but also create job opportunities and promote sustainable development. He emphasized India’s readiness to engage in projects that would benefit both economies and enhance the quality of life for their citizens.

Mohamed bin Hassen Al-Malki echoed these sentiments, noting that Qatar views India as a key partner in its economic diversification strategy. He stressed the importance of working together to explore new avenues for investment and to build on the strong foundation of trust and mutual respect that has characterized India-Qatar relations.

The meeting concluded with both sides agreeing to establish specific working groups focused on priority areas such as energy, infrastructure, and technology. These groups will be tasked with identifying and implementing projects that align with the strategic interests of both countries, ensuring a steady flow of investments and fostering an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

The Joint Task Force on Investment is expected to meet regularly to review progress and identify new opportunities for collaboration. This initiative represents a significant milestone in India-Qatar relations, signalling a shared commitment to economic partnership and sustainable development.

As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, the strengthened ties between India and Qatar are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of bilateral cooperation, offering a model for other nations seeking to enhance their economic partnerships.


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