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Modi announces PM-SHRI scheme to develop & upgrade 14,500 schools


NEW DELHI, SEPT 05, 2022

           On the occasion of Teacher’s Day on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a new scheme — PM-SHRI Yojana — to develop 14,500 schools as model schools that will be equipped with modern infrastructure, including labs, smart classrooms, libraries, and sports facility.

Announcing the scheme, the Prime Minister said the schools developed under the Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India (PM-SHRI) will have a modern, transformational and holistic method of imparting education, and become model schools, encapsulating the full spirit of the new National Education Policy (NEP).

“Today, on #TeachersDay I am glad to announce a new initiative – the development and upgradation of 14,500 schools across India under the Pradhan Mantri Schools For Rising India (PM-SHRI) Yojana. These will become model schools which will encapsulate the full spirit of NEP,” he said in a series of tweets.

“The PM-SHRI schools will have a modern, transformational and holistic method of imparting education. Emphasis will be on a discovery oriented, learning centric way of teaching. Focus will also be on modern infra including latest technology, smart classrooms, sports and more,” Modi added.

 The centrally sponsored scheme will be implemented by strengthening existing schools selected from amongst those managed by the Central government, states, Union Territories and local bodies.

“PM SHRI Schools will showcase all components of the National Education Policy 2020 and act as exemplar schools and also offer mentorship to other schools in their vicinity.

“The aim of these schools will not only be qualitative teaching, learning and cognitive development, but also creating holistic and well-rounded individuals equipped with key 21st century skills,” a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office said.

“Assessment at all levels will be based on conceptual understanding and application of knowledge to real life situations and will be competency-based,” it said.

“These schools will be equipped with modern infrastructure including labs, smart classrooms, libraries, sports equipment, art room etc. which is inclusive and accessible. These schools shall also be developed as green schools with water conservation, waste recycling, energy-efficient infrastructure and integration of organic lifestyle in curriculum,” the PMO said.

“They will provide leadership in their respective regions in providing high-quality education in an equitable, inclusive and joyful school environment that takes care of the diverse background, multilingual needs, and different academic abilities of children and makes them active participants in their own learning process as per the vision of NEP 2020,” the PMO added.

Lauding the initiative as a significant step towards implementing the vision of NEP and making India a vibrant knowledge society, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said, “A laboratory of NEP 2020, these 14,500 exemplar schools with their unique experiential, holistic, inquiry-driven and learner-centric pedagogy will facilitate creation of well-rounded individuals with humanistic attitude who are equipped with skills of the 21st century…PM Shri Schools will also offer leadership to other schools in the region for making the learning environment more joyful as well as improving educational outcomes.”

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