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Sahaj Marg, Heartfulness and Yoga beacon of hope for the world: PM



In today’s fast and stressful life when the world is fighting lifestyle related diseases and pandemic, Sahaj Marg, Heartfulness and Yoga are like a beacon of hope for the world, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking at an event organized to commemorate 75 years of Shri Ram Chandra Mission, here on Tuesday.

“The world is looking at health and wellness very seriously especially after Covid-19. India has much to offer in this regard. Our Yoga and Ayurveda can contribute to a healthy planet. We should scientifically elaborate on their benefits and invite the world to come and rejuvenate in India,” said Modi, adding that Heartfulness meditation practice is a step in that direction.

Lauding the efforts of Heartfulness Guide Kamlesh D Patel (Daaji), the Prime Minister said, “In today’s world, there is lot of emphasis on fast pace, people are short on time. In such times, through Sahaj Marg, you (Shri Ram Chandra Mission) are making a significant contribution in keeping people energetic and healthy. 1000’s of your volunteers and trainers are familiarising the world with the art of Yoga and Meditation. This is a huge service to humanity/mankind. Your trainers and volunteers have made the real meaning of knowledge come true. Our Dear Kamlesh ji is famous in the world of meditation and spirituality as Daaji. I can only say that he is a beautiful amalgamation of goodness of the Western World and India.”

Under Daaji’s spiritual leadership, Shri Ram Chandra Mission is inspiring the whole world and especially the youth towards a healthy body and a healthy mind.

The Prime Minister congratulated the mission and inspired the practitioners of Heartfulness by saying “this milestone of 75 years is very critical in nation building and taking the society forward strongly. It is the result of your commitment towards this goal that this mission is today spread to more than 150 countries.”

Referring to India’s handling of Corona, the Prime Minister said that alertness of 130 crore Indian became an example for the world. The household wisdom and Yoga-Ayurveda played a big role in this.

India is following a human centric approach to furthering global good. This human centric approach is based on a healthy balance of welfare, well-being and wealth. In the last six years, India has undertaken among the world’s largest public welfare programmes in the world. These efforts are aimed at giving the poor a life of dignity and opportunity. From universal sanitation coverage to social welfare schemes, from smoke-free kitchens to banking the unbanked, from access to technology to housing for all, India’s public welfare schemes have touched many lives, said the Prime Minister.

Addressing the gathering, Kamlesh Patel said, “The transformational benefit of Heartfulness Meditation lies in transmission of Pranahuti (life force), unique to our practise and helps make it easier for the seeker in making meditation a daily part of their lives and benefit from it.  Heartfulness Institute stands out by making relentless efforts to share the learnings from this ancient tradition, free of charge, to people across the world. The Heartfulness practice is a certain way of achieving peace, leading to samadhi. It is known to offer a state of deep meditation and bliss within the first few weeks of practice.”

“It is a clarion call that India must lead the world and rest of humanity towards spirituality. Spirituality is unification, and we must unite by achieving the highest goal through interconnectedness amongst ourselves without any barriers,” he added.

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