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Apollo Hospitals performs 1st PET-guided biopsy in Odisha



           In a first in Odisha, the Nuclear Medicine team at the city-based Apollo Cancer Centres has successfully performed PET-guided biopsy recently.

PET-guided biopsy is a unique modern technique of per-cutaneous biopsy procedure under PET-CT guidance. PET-guided biopsy is such a real time biopsy procedure which guides the interventional Nuclear Medicine physician to take live tissue from a tumor bed from where it should be taken for a histo-pathological examination which is very important initial step for a cancer diagnosis and treatment. The accuracy of this procedure is very high (near about 100%) as compared to other biopsy procedures like CT-guided and USG-guided biopsy.

Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu, Consultant – Nuclear Medicine at Apollo Cancer Centres, Bhubaneswar who is trained in this procedure from PGI Chandigarh, opines that such procedures are a boon to many patients who fail to get diagnosed early for cancer. This procedure can also help in cutting down the delay a patient suffers before the start of treatment and thus, helps in controlling the progression of the disease.

At Apollo Cancer Centres, Bhubaneswar PET-guided biopsy is done in two packages at very affordable prices. They are (i) PET guided biopsy and (ii) PET-CT whole body and PET guided biopsy, both in the same sitting.

Sudhir M Diggikar, Regional CEO, Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, congratulated the team headed by Dr. Sahu for the successful procedure, which was done for the first time in Odisha. Apollo Cancer Centres, Bhubaneswar is the group’s commitment to bring ultra modern cancer care within the reach of the people of Odisha and the neighbouring states, e said, hoping that Apollo Cancer Centres, Bhubaneswar will soon emerge as the main referral centre for cancer patients in the state, who were earlier forced to travel to metropolitan cities in their search for the best and affordable treatment.

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