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Audi Bhubaneswar offers enthusiasts exhilarating product experience



Audi Bhubaneswar today played host to the ‘Q-drive’ experience for prospective customers and off-roading enthusiasts. It offered an opportunity to experience the superlative style, performance and quattro technology of Audi SUVs – Audi Q7, Audi Q5, Audi Q8 and Audi e-Tron.

The Audi Q Drive programme offered a chance to drive the Audi Qs under trained supervision to understand all the nuances of the advanced technology that Audi SUVs offer. It provided the enthusiasts with an opportunity to enjoy the Quattro capabilities of Audi SUVs on a custom-built off-roading track, designed keeping in mind the key attributes and features of the Audi Q range.

Prospective customers and enthusiasts enjoy driving on specially made off-road track and maneuver obstacles such as hill climbing, hill descend, slush, acceleration, braking, rumblers, axle twister and articulation and tilt angle.

“There is no better way to improve a customer’s understanding of the Audi Q range than by getting them to experience their true prowess in this special set-up. The Audi Q drive gave us an opportunity to showcase the extreme capabilities and dynamics of the legendary quattro which is designed and engineered to perform even in the most challenging terrains,” said Devjyoti Patnaik, Managing Director, Audi Bhubaneswar while thanking all for the success of the Audi Q Drive programme.

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