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Children make films on menstruation to remove shame and discrimination



Films on menstruation, created by children, were released at a children’s film festival organized by UNICEF and Aaina, here on Friday. The films created by 26 children from two schools explore the theme of periods and menstrual health hygiene. 

Speaking on the occasion, noted Ollywood actor and OFDC Chairperson Kuna Tripathy said that the initiative of Kallola is really praiseworthy. “This should be continued round the year. I would like to request everyone to be a part of the awareness message and co-operate in spreading the initiative. Film is the foremost medium to reach the mass. So, the films produced by the children will touch each heart,” he said.

The Director of SC, ST, Minority and OBC Development Board, Poonam Guha said, “Menstruation is a sensitive issue which should be discussed openly so that the taboos are eroded. Film is perhaps the best suitable medium that can appeal the people. Hence, the films made by the children will definitely bring changes in the social mindset.”

Addressing the audience, Dr. Monika Nelson, Chief of Field Office, UNICEF Odisha said, “It is important to provide children platforms for creative self expression. These films made by children deal with the complex issues of periods including gender, lack of awareness and discrimination very well. We believe these films can support our efforts to normalize periods and remove the shame associated with it.”

Aaina Secretary Sneha Mishra said, “It was very difficult to work on the issue of menstruation/period in the seventh edition of Kallola. A lot of questions flashed in our minds. But after watching the movies made by the children on such a sensitive issue, we feel that all our efforts are successful. The children have played excellent roles in the movies, especially the role of boys is very appealing and of high standard.”

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