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CSM Tech rolls out ProofChain – Blockchain-powered employee verification system



CSM Tech, an Indian IT consulting company with an active business footprint in Africa, North America and Dubai, has developed an employee records verification system predicated on blockchain technology.

Titled ‘ProofChain’, this unique, immutable and tamper-proof solution enables third party verifiers to validate the work experience of candidates who served in CSM Technologies across all locations of the company’s operations.

CSM Tech is one of the industry pioneers in rolling out this blockchain based employee credentialing system at a time when the IT landscape is stalked by rising instances of submission of fake credentials like academic qualifications and work experiences to bag job offers at reputed companies. A few months back, top IT consulting firm Accenture went for Involuntary Attrition (a euphemism for sacking) of scores of employees who had fudged their testimonials on work history.

For any IT company, conducting background checks on a candidate is a cumbersome and time devouring process which is customarily outsourced to third party agencies. Amid talent crunch and fear of skilled digital talent joining competing companies, IT firms usually onboard candidates first and do the authentication later.

CSM Tech has designed a process that eases the process of background validation of talent, especially their work experience. The system has been developed on HyperLedger Fabric, an open source blockchain platform. Since employee credentialing system is underpinned by blockchain technology, there is no scope of tampering or altering the data or records of employees. The company has already moved the work experience data and other records of around 3500 of its ex-employees to the blockchain platform.

Under this system, the third-party verifiers are given a log-in id and password. The HR department of CSM Tech takes a call on whether they approve or reject a request placed by a third-party verifier. The process is completed in a span of seven to 15 days.

Commenting on the initiative, Priyadarshi Nanu Pany, Founder & CEO of CSM Tech said, “We are delighted to roll out this breakthrough solution for authenticating employee credentials. Blockchain is the Go-To technology for data security and records validation. I am sure with this blockchain enabled system, we will not just ease the employee verification process but set a new benchmark for IT companies to adopt blockchain platforms on scale for onboarding talent with verified credentials”.

The ProofChain system has been integrated with CSM Tech’s ERP system. To this date, the blockchain powered platform has received more than 100 requests for employee records verification. The third-party agencies have carried out verification mandates on the CSM ProofChain platform for leading IT recruiters like TCS, Infosys, MindTree, Accenture and IBM.

CSM’s ProofChain system will go a long way in reducing the burden on hiring teams, where recruiters already skip the verification process to manage timelines. According to research, 48 per cent of HR professionals do not check a candidate’s qualifications – a factor attributed to time and resource shortage

Going ahead, CSM Tech aims to mainstream its employee verification system that would make available talented candidates to recruiters at lower costs and swifter timelines without the hassles of manual authentication.

To facilitate adoption on scale, any blockchain employee verification software would need buy-in from a variety of stakeholders willing to offer credentials and testimonials, to work across organizations, disparate industries, and job roles.

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