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ICSI implements new training structure



The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) has implemented its new training structure as per Regulation 46BA and 46BB under The Company Secretaries (Amendment) Regulations, 2020.

The new training structure, implemented on Wednesday, will harness the soft skills and develop the core competencies of students, thereby creating a brigade of young professionals desired by the industry, regulators and other stakeholders, ICSI said in a statement.

As per the new training structure, the Executive passed students are required to undergo 1-month Executive Development Programme (EDP) that would equip them for the mandatory Practical Training in the industry/with Practicing Company Secretary. The students are also required to undergo a 21-month practical training, with Industry/Practicing Company Secretary and other entities after completion of their one month EDP. And, after completion of the Professional Programme Examination and Practical Training, the students are required to undergo the Corporate Leadership Development Program (CLDP) for honing their Communication, Legal, Managerial and IT acumen.

To brief the stakeholders about the new training structure, the ICSI organised a webinar, which was attended by thousands of CS students and members.

Informing about the new training structure, the ICSI President Nagendra D. Rao said, “While the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) ensures a requisite level of aptitude in students, the revamped training structure would ensure creating high calibre governance professionals who would take the CS profession to new heights. Certain skills are indispensable to the CS profession and the Company Secretaries are expected to possess these Legal, Managerial and Leadership skills as part of their professional attribute.”

The ICSI Vice President Devendra V. Deshpande, Secretary Asish Mohan, and Director (Training) SK Jena also addressed the stakeholders and replied to the queries raised by them during the webinar.

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