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Jindal Sports Hostel athletes shine in South Zone Khelo India Wushu Women’s League



Jindal Sports Hostel athletes showcased an exceptional display of sporting prowess at the South Zone Khelo India Wushu Women’s League held in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, from January 18 to 21. Representing the Jindal Sports Hostel, established by the JSP Foundation, the social arm of Jindal Steel & Power (JSP) in Barbil, these athletes clinched an impressive haul of 6 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze medals.

The individual achievements of the hostel’s athletes are equally noteworthy. Sabini Munda secured a Gold medal in the 27kg Sub-Jr. category, while Laxmi Munda claimed Gold in the 42kg Sub-Jr. category. Unnati Prasad emerged victorious with a Gold medal in the 45kg Sub-Jr. category, followed by Sweta Rani Mahanta who secured Gold in the 48kg Jr. category. Sabita Munda and Manju Munda showcased their prowess with Gold medals in the 52kg Jr. and 45kg Sr. categories, respectively. Additionally, Sibani Munda and Suman Patra clinched Silver medals in the 30kg and 36kg Sub-Jr. categories, while Sumitra Munda earned a Bronze medal in the 45kg Jr. category.

This remarkable success not only brings glory to the hostel but also to the Joda-Barbil region and the entire state of Odisha.

The hostel, a pioneering initiative in the district, stands as a testament to the JSP Foundation’s dedication to nurturing sporting talents and fostering holistic development. Aligned with the Odisha Government’s focus on sports infrastructure development, the Jindal Sports Hostel offers top-notch residential facilities to 60 children selected for their sporting aptitude. Equipped with modern amenities, including comfortable accommodations and state-of-the-art gym facilities, the hostel provides dedicated sports training under the guidance of experienced coaches. The Foundation ensures the overall well-being of the students by offering nutritious meals and physical fitness training.

JSP Chairman Naveen Jindal and JSP Foundation Chairperson Shallu Jindal expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the athletes for their dedication and hard work. Their unwavering commitment to nurturing grassroots sports talents has been instrumental in catapulting the region’s sports talents onto the global stage.

The JSP Foundation has been a stalwart supporter of youths in Keonjhar District, promoting Wushu and Kickboxing sports, forms of martial arts. In collaboration with the Odisha State Wushu Association, the Foundation has been backing the Keonjhar District Wushu Team for over a decade. The Foundation provides essential infrastructural support to the team, including the development of training centers, facilities supervised by national-level coaches, nutritional support, clothing, and transportation for the players.

In addition to Sweta Rani, the JSP Foundation has groomed talents like Babulu and Manju Munda, who have achieved notable success with Silver and Gold medals in International Wushu Tournaments in Brazil, Brunei, and Moscow, respectively.


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