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JSP installs Birsa Munda statue at Kalapahada Chowk in Joda



The statue of freedom fighter and legendary reformist tribal leader Bhagawan Birsa Munda was inaugurated at the Kalapahada Chowk of Joda Municipality, here on Wednesday as a part of the grand Janajatiya Gaurav Diwas celebration. The 7-feet tall statue, installed by Jindal Steel & Power (JSP),  has been crafted from a single piece black granite stone.

The statue was unveiled by Jindal Steel & Power Chairman & Flag Foundation of India President Naveen Jindal, JSP Foundation Chairperson & OP Jindal University Chancellor Shallu Jindal, and noted social worker Tulasi Munda.

Addressing hundreds  of tribal people dressed in traditional costume and as many local people,  Naveen  Jindal said, “The sacrifice  of the  great freedom fighter  Birsa Munda to free India from the British rule  is  a  wonderful example of unwavering patriotism. Installation of this magnificent statue will serve as a perpetual source of inspiration for the young members of our local community encouraging them to dedicate themselves to the noble cause of nation-building and advancement of our tribal society.”

“We at JSP always believe in the holistic improvement of the quality of life of  local communities and therefore,  pursue  multidimensional development projects  for the  tribal communities  in the fields of health,  education, sports, skilling  and sustainable livelihood options and  other such social development projects. Such a comprehensive approach ensures that every facet of the community’s well-being is nurtured and enhanced,” he added.

Paying homage to the revered freedom fighter, Tulasi Munda made a clarion call to rename Kalapahada Chowk in Joda Municipality as Veer Birsa Munda Chowk. “JSP has significant contributions to various development activities in this tribal predominant region especially in the field of education, health and sports,” she added.

Remembering the heroism of the patriot and reformist Bhagwan Birsa Munda, Shallu Jindal reiterated her commitment to improve the Human Development Index in the tribal predominant region of the country. She extolled the contribution of Tulsi Munda in the field of education and human rights, and said that JSP Foundation is bent upon to universalize health care, quality education, skilling and sports development in the Joda, Barbil and Deojhar region. “Let’s honor the legacy of a visionary leader who championed the rights of the tribal communities. May his commitment to justice and equality inspire us to strive for a more inclusive society,” said the JSP Foundation Chairperson.

The programme, organised by the Adivasi Ho Samaj, a prominent tribal organisation, was attended by several notable individuals, including Joda Municipality Chairman Jagdish Prasad Sahoo,  former MLA Dhanjanjay Siddhu, JSP Head (Slurry & Raw Material) Ashish Pandey, Group Head (CSR & Education) Prashant Kumar Hota, JSP Barbil Unit Head Purushotham M D, Kasia Mines Unit Head Pramod Kumar Patra, Tensa Mines Unit Head Kamalanka Kanta Nanda, Head (HR) Asish Mohanty, Adivasi Ho Samaja President Sanjeeb Munda and General Secretary Jena Gagrai and other members of the Ho Samaja.

Choudhury Pranavananda Das, Mukesh Agrawal, Vargil Lakra, Rabinarayan Mahapatra, Jadumani Mahanta and other employees of JSP, Barbil and several local change makers contributed significantly for success of the programme.

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