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JSW Foundation boosts local football talent with bicycle distribution and training support

Barbil, May 17, 2024 (TBB Bureau):  In a significant move to promote sports education, the JSW Foundation has distributed 40 bicycles to young footballers under its training program. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and encourage participation in sports among the youth.

JSW recently handed out 20 bicycles at Jajang, and 10 each at Nuagaon and Narayanposhi. The distribution event was attended by mines managers and the operational head of JSW Odisha Mines Division.

Currently, 170 young sports enthusiasts are receiving comprehensive training across four locations. These trainees benefit from holistic facilities, including nutritional diets, football kits, quality infrastructure, and expert coaching. The program is part of JSW’s broader efforts to improve and develop sports skills among the younger generation.

JSW has assigned four football coaches to its mine locations to mentor these young athletes. Additionally, the foundation has partnered with Bengaluru FC Rural Football Academy to provide top-notch training to footballers from Odisha’s DIZ areas.

Anjali Lohar, a football trainee, expressed her gratitude towards the JSW Foundation for providing her free coaching. She stated, “After joining this football academy, I have experienced overall growth in my life, both physically and mentally. I am also receiving assistance for my higher education. I am thankful to the Foundation.”

Another young footballer, Ranjita, shared her aspirations of joining the police department and appreciated JSW for the quality training and education provided. “The training is like another feather in my cap. I hope that I will achieve my goal,” she said.

JSW is committed to creating a supportive environment for sports. The construction of a mini football stadium in collaboration with district authorities at Jajang Gandal Pada is a further boost to the promotion of sports in the region.

The young footballers supported by the JSW Foundation have already brought accolades to the state by winning medals in national-level competitions. Notably, girl footballers from the program have excelled in under-15 national tournaments, with several making the state proud.

Among these accomplished athletes are Akashi Naik, Rashmita Naik, Pabita Naik, Bandana Naik, Rubina Naik, and Tarini Naik, who have all earned recognition in national-level competitions.

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