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JSW Steel drives employee inoculation against COVID-19, implements preventive measures


BARBIL, JUNE 11, 2021

JSW Steel (mines division) in Odisha has intensified its precautionary measures against COVID as per the guidelines of the Government and the health authorities. All the mines and its offices continue to operate, ensuring adherence to stringent COVID-19 guidelines issued by the central and state authorities.

Following the increase of positive cases in the adjoining areas, JSW Steel has strengthened the enforcement of its protocols for safeguarding employees and associate partners against COVID-19. All employees and workers are strictly mandated to wear relevant PPE and individual masks all the time. Hand sanitizers have been placed at all entry offices in the mines.

There is mandatory cleaning of all workplace surfaces and areas of office operations. Social distancing protocols are implemented and followed with heightened rigour.

In order to ensure the safety of employees and workforce, first doze of vaccines have been ordered by the company and is being presently administered.

Speaking about the employee vaccination drive, Ranjan Nayak, Chief Operating Officer, JSW Steel Limited (Mines division), Odisha said that for JSW, the safety and wellbeing of its employees and workers of its associate partners are of utmost importance. The company is undertaking safe operations through these extensive preventive measures against COVID-19 across the operational facility, residential areas and adjacent areas.

The company will continue to stand together with the Government and the community in its effort to fight against this pandemic, he added.

The mines have readied self-isolation facilities in case there are any positive cases. For employees, COVID centers have been developed with utmost precautions and good facilities. Currently, the mines are being operated with reduced manpower as per government guidelines and most of the employees have been asked to operate from home as well.

Company is also sensitizing the local communities; and as part of this, sanitizer, 3-layered mask, N-95 mask and surgical gloves are being distributed to the health care facilities and frontline workers in the adjacent areas of its mining operation.

As mining is one of the most essential aspects of the state economy, all the operational activities are being executed with utmost precautions and special care.

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