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KiiT International School celebrates International Women’s Day with ‘Womaniya 2.0’



Though the women’s movement and fight for equality has come a long way, it has miles to go. While it cannot be ignored that millions of women around the world are denied basic rights and opportunities each day, it is to also be acknowledged that circumstances have progressed immensely. Taking forth the vision of their revered Founder Achyuta Samanta to reaffirm their solidarity with women, KiiT International School commemorated the occasion of International Women’s Day with the second edition ‘Womaniya 2.0’ on Friday.

The event hosted a panel discussion which was graced by eminent speakers that included renowned Indian author Devdutt Pattanaik, social activist Sruti Mohapatra, textile artist Bappaditya Biswas, and Public Relations professional Rita Bhimani.

“Women’s Day should not only be a celebration of the achievements of women but also a lesson in gender equality. It is time to shake up our system of age-old gender norms and gender roles that exist. This can only be dismantled by changing the thought process of our next generations. Schools must enrich the young impressionable minds about equality to help them break stereotypes. It should not be a forced learning but something that should be naturally imbed, nurtured and inculcated as a way of living. Gender demarcation will only hold us back from progressing as a society,” said Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson of KiiT International School.

Womaniya recognizes that the need of the hour is the collective advocacy for women’s rights and to bridge the gaps created by a male-dominated society. It aims to commence a dialogue and to channel the narrative towards relevant issues faced by women in different spheres of life and career. It seeks to create a more egalitarian space that can give birth to a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

The program concluded with the felicitation of achievers working for the collective betterment of women.

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