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Odisha ‘Pattachitra’ painter finds mention in PM’s ‘Man Ki Baat’



Rourkela-based Bhagyashree Sahu was elated when Prime Minister Narenndra Modi mentioned her name in his ‘Man ki Baat’ on radio programme on Sunday.

 “That moment remained one of the most prized moments of life when I heard being mentioned by PM Modiji in his famous programme ‘Man ki Baat’ on radio today,” said Bhagyashree Sahu, now an acclaimed pattachitra artist from the steel city.

Bhagyashree, an M Tech student at IGIT Sarang, has all of a sudden become famous for her pattachitra, a traditional painting technique from Odisha.

Self-taught, Bhagyashree never ever had dreamt about this new found stardom for her paintings on different mediums like canvases, leaves, stones, designer bottles and others.

 “My instagram posts caught the attention of an English daily. They took my interviews and soon I had fans liking my pages in large numbers. But, I never knew that one day I will catch the attention of our Prime Minister,” said Bhayashree, who was quite surprised by the development.

“Well, engineering may become my avocation, but painting remains my passion. So, I started drawing Lord Jagannath on whatever medium possible and posted those on my Instagram account; and very soon I found attention towards my creativity,” she said.

Her paintings found places in some of the famous magazines and sites including Painting India.

These coverages drew international attention and soon many of her fans wanted to learn from her for which she was not very much prepared.  “Well, now I am seriously considering following this as an avocation because it has given me the recognition. This started as a childhood hobby and now has brought me recognition. It is surely Lord Jagannath’s blessings and nothing else,” said Bhayashree.

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