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Reverie and Mool present Utkala Divas Hackathon JantraJuga ‘22



This year, to uphold the occasion of the 86th Foundation Day of Odisha, Reverie Language Technologies in association with Mool Innovation Labs is organizing “JantraJuga ‘22: The Utkala Dibasa Hackathon.”

So far 34 teams have registered for JantraJuga.The hackathon aims at bringing together Odisha’s young and booming student developer community to leverage technology to “Build For Odisha, Build From Odisha” on some of the most pressing issues prevalent in these tough times.

The final rounds of this 24 hours format hackathon will be organized on April 2-3, 2022 at the premises of Software Technologies Parks of India, Gothapatna, Bhubaneswar. The registrations for the same have already begun.

The participants of the hackathon not only stand a chance to win cash prizes but also get guidance from industry mentors to completely develop and realize their proposals. For promising applicants, the hackathon also offers a platform to seek internship opportunities at Reverie and Mool.

Arvind Pani, Co Founder and CEO Reverie Language Technologies

 “It is important for the young generation of Odisha to be aware of the common and often ignored challenges surrounding the people of the state which can be easily solved using language technologies in Odia,” said Arvind Pani, Co-founder and CEO of Reverie Language Technologies.

Subhashree Mishra, co-founder of Mool innovation Labs said, “This hackathon is a good way to sensitize the participants about issues of the state in different areas of financial inclusion, modernizing healthcare, language localization, accessible education, etc. and encourage them to build innovative solutions, which would lay the foundations of a Digital Odisha.”

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