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RSP clocks best ever specific energy consumption in January


ROURKELA, FEB 11, 2021

Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) has clocked the best ever monthly specific energy consumption of 5.94 Giga calories per tonne of crude steel (Gcal/TCS) in January, 2021. The remarkable achievement in the key techno-economic front compliments the record production performances by major units of the Steel Plant. Notably, the previous best monthly specific energy consumption was 5.95 Gcal/TCS achieved in November, 2020.

Specific energy consumption is a key indicator of the overall efficiency of any plant. The unwavering efforts of the collective with greater thrust on further improving the techno-economics under the leadership of RSP CEO Dipak Chattaraj, have helped in achieving the feat. The CEO has been emphasizing on achieving specific energy consumption of less than 6Gal/TCS on a continual basis.

New Plate Mill of Rourkela Steel Plant

The Energy Management Department (EMD) of the plant has been playing an instrumental role in the campaign through a myriad of measures. The department has been organising a series of training-cum-awareness programmes at Safety Training Hall to sensitise and motivate employees to achieve the goal of specific energy consumption less than 6Gal/TCS. Around 600 employees of major production departments have been covered in the current financial year.

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