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Three rare gastrointestinal surgeries performed at Apollo Hospitals Bhubaneswar



            Highly experienced doctors at city-based Apollo Hospitals led by Senior Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Dr. Susant Kumar Sethi, and Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon Dr. Debasis Nayak and ENT Surgeon Dr. Suryakant Pradhan successfully managed three patients by combining endoscopic and surgical modalities recently.

The first patient had a perforation in his food pipe caused due to impaction of swallowed chicken bone, which led to a severe chest infection, leading to a life threatening condition. Dr. Sethi used endoscopy to diagnose and treat the perforation by deploying a specialised stent in the food pipe to seal the perforation, while Dr. Nayak performed surgery to treat the chest infection. After almost 2 months of treatment the patient made complete recovery and lead a normal life.

The second patient had accidentally swallowed her denture, which got stuck in her food pipe causing multiple perforations in the food pipe. According to Dr. Sethi, it was nearly impossible to remove the stuck denture from the food pipe using the endoscopic method. A team consisting of Dr. Sethi, Surgeons Dr. Pradhan, Dr. Salil Parida (GI surgery) and Anaesthetists Dr. Sidharth Mohanty, Dr. Saumitra Sathpathy and Dr. Jyoti Pati worked in tandem and enabled endoscopic removal of denture and closure of the food pipe perforation by placement of a stent. After nearly a month’s stay in the hospital, she is able to eat normally now.

The third patient had been suffering from severe form of COVID-19 pneumonia and was on long term ventilatory support. Once he was taken off the ventilator, it was found that he had developed an abnormal communication between his food pipe and airway (trachea). Dr Nayak, along with Dr. Sethi and Dr. Pradhan worked as a multidisciplinary team and performed endoscopic clipping of the opening in the food pipe, suturing of the trachea and ligation of the fistula (abnormal communication) of the patient. After 3 months of treatment, the patient could avoid a major surgery and is doing relatively well now.

Apollo Hospitals Bhubaneswar CEO Sudhir Diggikar and DMS Dr. Ashish Chandra expressed gratitude to Dr. Sethi, Dr. Nayak and Dr. Pradhan for performing such rare kinds of surgeries thus bringing fame to the hospital.

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