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TPCODL introduces auto-reclosure in network to restore power supply automatically



TP Central Odisha Distribution Ltd. (TPCODL), a joint venture between Tata Power and the Government of Odisha, since its takeover, has been constantly focusing on providing reliable, affordable and quality power supply for improving customer experience, backed by innovative technology.

TPCODL operational area has approximately 80 percent of its networks passing through rural areas full of trees causing HT and LT networks susceptible to touching the branches of trees resulting in power disruption. Apart from tree branches coming in contact with live wire — as part of the Reliability Improvement study — TPCODL also observed that many a times the electrical networks also come in contact with birds and unforeseen materials for fraction of second during normal as well as varied climatic conditions like heavy wind flow, lightning, rain etc. leading to power disruption which causes inconvenience to the consumers.

To overcome the existing shortcoming inbuilt in the system and improve consumer experience, TPCODL has introduced Auto-Reclosures into its distribution networks to arrest the transient fault automatically switching off and on the Circuit Breaker (Closing & Opening Switch) to restore power within designed time setting in the system without any human interference. This avoids manual intervention and enables quick restoration of power supply.

This is also remotely controlled and connected to the TPCODL’s Central Power Supply Control Centre, PSSC located in Bhubaneswar.

Speaking on the developments, TPCODL CEO M Shenbagam said that the Company is committed to bring excellence in consumer experience through adoption of technology, and ensure uninterrupted, affordable and quality power to all TPCODL consumers.

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