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Vedanta Aluminium rejuvenates village ponds in Jharsuguda



Vedanta Aluminium, India’s largest producer of aluminium, has rejuvenated 19 village ponds in Jharsuguda, helping over 3,000 local residents meet their water needs.

Community ponds in Katikela, Dalki, Parmanpur, Badmal, Keldamal, Sodhamal, and Samashinga Gram Panchayats have been cleaned, deepened and rejuvenated to ensure rainwater harvesting during monsoons and thereby ensure round-the-year water availability for households, agriculture, and livestock.

Vedanta Aluminium works with local communities, employee volunteers and water management professionals to carry out deep cleaning of the ponds for ground water recharge and rainwater harvesting, on an annual basis. This critical ecosystem restoration process helps revive crucial water resources and ensure water availability for thousands of people and local biodiversity.

Speaking on the company’s commitment towards sustainable water management, Vedanta Limited, Jharsuguda CEO Sunil Gupta said, “At Vedanta Aluminium, water management is integrated into the decision-making processes at and beyond our operations. Our endeavours to track and monitor local water availability while estimating future needs, are aligned to our vision of becoming water positive by 2030. Water being a crucial shared resource, we strive to ensure a sustainable water footprint by deploying best-in-class practices at our operations and creating water-resilient communities by augmenting local water infrastructures, while also preserving and enhancing the ecology of the region in which we operate.”

 “Vedanta Aluminium has been supporting our community in restoring and maintaining community ponds in the village, ensuring post-monsoon water availability for the residents. All pond cleaning activities are conducted in consultation with water management experts. Over time, the revamped ponds in our block have benefitted not only local residents, but also livestock and biodiversity,” said Bhojraj Patel, Chairman, Kolabira Block Gram Panchayat.

Vedanta Aluminium has been working with local communities to create a positive water footprint through Jeevika Samriddhi, construction of community water infrastructures, annual restoration and rejuvenation of community water bodies, building several water-related community infrastructures, and supporting district administration in supplying drinking water to peripheral communities during summer.

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