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Gautam Solar launches G2X 450 Wp M10 high-efficiency modules to revolutionize rooftop solar projects



With the aim to enhance the quality of solar products and ramp up the adoption of solar energy in the country, Gautam Solar has expanded its G2X series with the launch of high-efficiency and high-performance 450 Wp solar modules with bigger M10 cells.

Gautam Solar’s 450 Wp – M10 Modules are compact in size and weight, which makes it easier to handle particularly in rooftop solar installations. The modules are easier to carry on the stairs & lift upwards. This results in reduced breakage rates as the modules are light in weight and allow easy handling by the workers. Another benefit of these modules is that they save on module mounting structure costs. They only require two purlins to install compared to the standard four purlins for the higher wattage M10 modules.

With dimensions of 1,923 mm x 1,134 mm x 35 mm, the Modules offer a Power per Unit Area of 206.4 W/m2 compared to 210.8 W/m2 for the 545 Wp Modules. This small trade-off of 2% Power per Unit Area is virtually insignificant in front of the benefits it provides. The modules incorporate multi-busbar technology for reduced internal resistance losses and round ribbons for better light utilization.

Through these advanced modules, Gautam Solar, one of the most trusted players in the solar industry, is expected to revolutionize the rooftop solar segment in the country. The modules will be available in both monofacial and bi-facial variants. The module is a 120 half-cut PERC monocrystalline module with high-quality monofacial / bi-facial cells (depending on the variant).

 “Gautam Solar has established strong trust in the market for being committed towards innovating and manufacturing the best-in-the-market solar modules. The new high-performance modules will further boost the transition towards replacing fossil fuel as a source of power with cleaner sources of energy. The modules will specifically be ideal for Rooftop Solar Power Projects which is the market with the biggest growth potential, especially for a country like India. The modules will significantly benefit Rooftop Solar Developers and Solar System Integrators (EPCs),” said Director of Gautam Solar Private Limited, Gautam Mohanka.

The new advanced modules are being manufactured at the company’s modern manufacturing facility in Haridwar of Utta​rakhand which recently boosted its annual production capacity to 400 MWp with the company eyeing to further expand to 1 GWp in the near future.

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