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Hindi Pakhwada gets underway at NTPC Coal Mining Headquarters


RANCHI, SEPT 14, 2023

On Hindi Diwas on Thursday, NTPC Coal Mining Headquarters, Ranchi inaugurated the Hindi Fortnight under the guidance of Animesh Jain, Chief General Manager (In-charge) in the presence of senior officials, head of the departments and employees.

To celebrate the day in a befitting manner, employees took the Hindi Pledge which aimed for the propagation of Hindi in day-to-day life.

On the occasion, Jain spoke about the importance of Hindi language which has been prevalent for ages. He said that according to Article 343 of the Constitution, the official language of the Indian Union is Hindi, and the script is Devanagari. Therefore, there is a need to be more conscious about the implementation of the official language.

The Chief General Manager (in-charge) said that NTPC being a Government of India enterprise, has the responsibility to conduct official work in Hindi language in the interest of the general public and nation.

Various competitions like Hindi Commentary, Official Language Quiz, Hindi PPT Presentation and Poetry Recitation for housewives and children shall be organized during Hindi Pakhwada.

In his concluding remarks, Jain made an appeal to use Hindi as much as possible through Digital mode i.e. computers and various mobile apps like e-mail, WhatsApp, social media and implement Hindi more in official work. The program concluded with a Hindi signature campaign by the employees.

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