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KRAFTON launches ‘Game Responsibly’ drive to promote responsible gaming habits


NEW DELHI, NOV 25, 2021

  South Korean video game developer KRAFTON, Inc. is driving a ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign for BGMI (BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA). Starting with a series of films, the campaign encourages gamers to take a pledge of taking care of themselves and their squad mates’ mental health as they take on the Battlegrounds. It promotes safer and responsible gaming habits and builds awareness amongst players to cultivate safer and healthy gaming habits.

The first film which is out on YouTube addresses parents and tackles the core problem of continuous gaming in a light-hearted manner. The second film will encourage players to occasionally “look up” from the phone they’re always buried into. Overall, the films drive home the message of responsible gaming with BGMI’s safety features. These films reinforce the significance of the campaign, and will work with key gamers and partners to raise awareness.

One of the first games in the world to implement measures for the well being of its players, including steps to reduce game time, this initiative is primarily aimed at promoting better Game-Life Balance while enjoying the Battlegrounds.

BATTLEGROUNDS launched with an array of efforts to make sure that while players have a fun time playing BGMI, they take adequate care of their physical and mental health, and parents are also equipped adequately with tools to impart healthy checks and balances while playing BGMI.

 “We care deeply for our gamers, hence we acted. These changes have been made to ensure responsible gaming practices are adopted by gaming enthusiasts; specially minors. It also asserts the integrity and fairness of our business practices of putting community first. Yes, we aim to offer the best entertainment and experiences to our gamers, but at the same time mental and physical health of our players remains one of our top priorities” said Wooyol Lim, Head of Battlegrounds Mobile Division at KRAFTON.

Building a Responsible Gaming culture in a country that loves video games is crucial. The campaign pivots on addressing the imbalance behind continuous gaming to bring balance to the game, and aims to raise awareness about building a responsible gaming culture for all gamers.

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