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Lifestyle changes, awareness can help curb kidney diseases: Experts at ‘Kidney Manthan 2.0’



Adopting a healthy lifestyle such as limited intake of salt and potassium, quitting smoking and more physical activities besides proper awareness can help not only in checking kidney degeneration but also prevent it, health experts said here on the World Kidney Day on Thursday.

 “Kidney diseases occur in five stages with kidney failure being the last one. But it’s possible to completely treat the disease in the first and second stages itself, if detected early. Hence, it is important that people are made aware about causes and ways to prevent renal diseases,” said Dr Himanshu Verma, HOD (Nephrology), Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi in his presentation on the last day of the virtual webinar “Kidney Manthan’ organized by Delhi-based AIMIL Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd.

The event spanning over six days witnessed participation of at least 35 health experts from allopathy and ayurveda sectors from across the country. They discussed threadbare causes, challenges and how preventive measures like lifestyle changes can ensure health of the vital organ. The experts also deliberated on how alternative Ayurvedic medicines like herbal formulation Neeri KFT have potential to heal the damaged cells of the ailing kidney.

In this connection, they cited various studies that have proved efficacy of the Neeri KFT, composed of time-tested herbs like Punarnava, Varuna,  Giloy, Gokhru and Palash  in protecting the kidneys of the patients.

Jamia Hamdard’s latest study is the case in point. Published in the Journal of Biosciences, the research has indicated that the ayurvedic formulation is effective in regulating the functions of at least 6 gene variants causing kidney dysfunction.

Stating that patients with diabetes and high blood pressure would be at highest risk of kidney disease, Dr. Verma who touched upon the topic ‘Conservative Management in chronic kidney disease’ further recommended keeping the body mass index (BMI) between 20-25, walking for 30 minutes every day for five days a week, reducing the consumption of pain-relieving medicines, balanced intake of water and quitting smoking etc. as effective ways to protect the vital organ.

Dr. Sanchit Sharma

AIMIL Pharmaceuticals Executive Director Dr. Sanchit Sharma said that the outcome of the six-day long brainstorming session on the vital topic, which is assuming endemic proportion, shows that “we need to adopt an integrated approach towards kidney healthcare. Also, as more and more people are looking towards Ayurveda for holistic treatment of various kinds of diseases, it is important that players in the sector focus on evidence-based research.”

Nephrologist Dr. Mukesh Shete who has the credit of performing Maharashtra State’s first Cadaver Transplant and conducting India’s first domino transplant and Dr. KS Vishnu, Chairman, Medical Director & Senior Medical Officer, Indian Systems of Medicine, Kerala were among the other experts who spoke during the ‘Kidney Manthan 2.0’ programme.

Chronic kidney disease is the sixth fastest-growing cause of death globally and around 1.7 million people are estimated to die annually because of acute kidney injury globally. In India, it is estimated that a population of over 7.8 million are living with chronic kidney diseases. Those with diabetes, hypertension and obesity are also prone to kidney diseases, as per the health experts.

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