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Mindtree launches integrated cloud-based solution to accelerate digital transformation in construction industry



Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, on Wednesday announced the launch of Construction 360, a comprehensive, integrated cloud-based Salesforcesolution designed to enable construction companies to streamline processes and increase productivity.

  Launched at Dreamforce 2022, Construction 360 combines Mindtree’s extensive domain expertise, cloud capabilities, and NxT product suite with Salesforce’s advanced Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other technologies. It provides the needed digital infrastructure for construction companies to gain real-time end-to-end visibility across the construction value chain and adopt next-generation technologies, boosting efficiencies, streamlining costs, and accelerating time-to-market.

The solution enables construction companies to maximize performance and predictability across project lifecycle through superior management of bids, clients, suppliers, and projects, enhanced resource mobilization, and improved asset operations, thus making their operations and projects more sustainable. By using sophisticated Internet of Things, building information modeling, augmented reality/virtual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the solution aids data-driven decision-making, automation of key tasks, and better forecasting.

With Construction 360, construction companies can improve bid cycle time from tender to execution, win ratio through past tender analytics and efficient quoting, and workforce and inventory utilization through better planning. They can also reduce supplier risks and onboarding time with greater milestone visibility, while better anticipating service needs for safety and inspection tracking.  

“It is imperative for the construction industry to catch up on digital transformation and make a concerted effort to grow in value by augmenting production rates,” said Antonio Sciuto, SVP Global Business Development Officer of Salesforce. “Construction 360 is designed to help construction firms rise above disparate, obsolete, and siloed assets and practices by availing of a single system of record, engagement, and action to address the cost and time repercussions of inefficient project management and governance.”

“We are excited to leverage Mindtree industry expertise and Salesforce technology to help construction companies worldwide increase their productivity and address the labor skill shortage,” said Tyler Prince, EVP and Worldwide Alliances Leader at Salesforce.

“Construction is one of the industry sectors where digital technologies have the most potential to drive innovation and productivity,” said Venu Lambu, Executive Director and President, Global Markets, Mindtree. “Construction 360 fulfils the need for a unified and comprehensive digital platform that can enable construction companies to make a material difference to their competitiveness by first identifying operational changes that have the potential to improve their engineering and field productivity, and then defining and executing on the most effective digital roadmaps to realize those changes across the value chain.”

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