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“Nation Builders Day” celebrated at High Five Global Campus



On the Auspicious Day of the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe, Corporate Leaders and Civil Society members united over a conclave called the ‘Nation Builders Day’ to celebrate the first ever event calling for citizen empowerment igniting Citizen Social Responsibility of Building a nation for even better.

Organised by High Five Global Networks and supported by Social Organisation Roots of Odisha Foundation and CRESPAI at the High Five Campus at Noida and presided by renowned Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Environmentalist and Social Activist CA Sudhir Kumar Dash, Corporate Community conference was held on 1st July 2022.

Speaking on the occasion, Dash said: “Let we all untie together to build a nation. The fragmented celebration can continue in perpetuity. Let’s set the right tone to call 1st July as the Nation Builders day calling for attention of everybody.”

Stating that 1st July is an important day, Dash called for shared celebration by professional in charge of serving the Nation. “Healthcare, Finance and Economics are the very backbone of a great nation. Being a great professional we ought to be a responsible citizen as we are all citizens first and should not shy away from our respective responsibilities in the calling of a national duty to serve the Nation,” he said.

The guest of the event prominent Cardiovascular Surgeon Dr. Bikram Kesharee Mohanty said: “Good health is the very first requirement of a great nation we all should take care of our health both physical and mental. The Young should know how to balance the Work & Life and should stay stress free.”

Former Vigilance Officer of Air India, Yogendra Singh laid emphasis on maintaining fitness though sports – be it cycling, swimming or running. Further assigning purpose to a life he said that life is meaningless without any followed passion and creative pursuits. The Nation wants creative and passionate people.

Kunal Dhawan, Director of High FIve Global Networks, said the youth should be workaholic only when they are at work place but beyond it they must socialise and contribute to the cultural and social fabric of our country no matter which economic status we belong to.

On his concluding remark Sudhir Kumar Dash said, “With rampant corruption, pollution, lack or respect, growing distress we have landed ourselves to a Society where we just should not stay, and we have nowhere else to go. It’s time for the citizens to create self help and curate in whatever small way. Even the small gesture of feeding birds, planting a tree  and carrying a cotton bag while going to buy vegetables & groceries (to reduce use of polythene), avoiding single use plastic is great service to the nation. Of course, we should pay taxes but merely paying taxes alone is not enough to bring back the lost glory of this great nation voices.”

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