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Reliance General Insurance launches digital care management OPD policy


MUMBAI, OCT 4, 2021

Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd. (RGICL) on Monday launched Reliance – Digital Care Management, a one of its kind OPD product that aims to cover the insured against the regular medical expenses incurred during an Outpatient Treatment. The product has been chosen as one of the few ideal and innovative offerings under the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) sandbox guidelines.

With India’s tropical climatic conditions, every weather or season comes with its own set of illnesses and diseases, like a simple cold-cough to eye-infections; most of which don’t need a hospitalisation but might increase doctor visits, investigative tests, or medicine related expense. The COVID-19 pandemic too has made people more health aware, because of which expenses incurred towards OPD treatment has increased over time, leading to an average Indian spending close to Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 on an annual basis towards such an expense. Reliance General Insurance offers to provide a financial cushion to customers for such out-of-pocket expenses with Digital Care Management Policy.

“During COVID-19 people abstained from visiting doctor clinics or hospitals due to the fear of the virus, giving way to faster adoption of digital methods for OPD treatment like Tele-medicine, Online Pharmacy etc. Thus, it became imperative to introduce an OPD policy like Digital Care Management, that covers the new-age digitally savvy Indian from the financial burden of such Out-of-Pocket expense irrespective of the treatment mode,” said Rakesh Jain, ED and CEO of Reliance General Insurance.

The policy comes with host of benefits that offers unlimited physician consultations, along with covering pharmacy/medicine expenses, investigation expenses and dental & ophthalmology cover.

The product has been specially designed for the middle-income group offering sum-insured range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000 and can be purchased by anyone between the age of 18-75 years. Moreover, existing policyholders of RGI will get a 5% discount on premium and an additional 5% discount will be offered to customers vaccinated against Covid-19.

The policy can be bought directly from the Reliance General Insurance website.

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