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Reliance General Insurance unveils ‘Reliance Limit Sure Pay As You Drive’


MUMBAI, OCT 25, 2023

Reliance General Insurance Company Limited (RGICL), India’s leading general insurance company has unveiled ‘Reliance Limit Sure – Pay As You Drive’, a flexible approach to car insurance coverage that truly values customers’ needs and consumption habits. This innovative offering will empower customers, and give them complete control over their vehicle expenses, allowing them to tailor the policy to their specific needs, the company claims.

Whether someone has a car that runs less or is driven infrequently, this policy is designed to accommodate their unique requirements.

‘Reliance Limit Sure – Pay As You Drive’ offers comprehensive coverage just as a traditional car insurance policy, giving complete third party and Own Damage coverage, where customers can pick their desired kilometre slab, beginning at 2,500 kilometres and adjustable in 1,000-kilometer increments. And if customers find themselves short on kilometres, one can easily top up the kilometres anytime during the policy year. Furthermore, the product extends the Third-Party coverage to include protection against Fire and Theft even after the opted kilometres plan is exhausted. What makes this policy truly exceptional is the ability to roll over any unused kilometres to the following policy year for a discount on renewal, ensuring the customer gets value for every kilometre they save. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for the individuals with multiple vehicles, addressing their specific needs and ensuring cost efficiency.

Emphasizing the significance of this product, Reliance General Insurance Company Limited CEO Rakesh Jain said, “Here at Reliance General Insurance, we have engineered ‘Reliance Limit Sure Pay As You Drive’ as a new-age product that meets the latent demand of protecting underused vehicles in the market. Our dedication to innovation excellence shines through in this usage-based product, providing policyholders with the ultimate freedom to pay just as much as they need to. It’s definitely a game-changer, reshaping the way car insurance adapts into dynamic needs.”

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