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Renault India announces price increase from January 2023


NEW DELHI, DEC 7, 2022

Renault, the number one European automotive brand in India, announced that it will increase prices across its range of cars, effective from January 2023, to partially offset the impact of constant increases in input costs largely driven by pricier commodities, fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, inflation and also due to regulatory obligations.

India is a key market for Renault, with a long-term strategy to grow the brand in the dynamic Indian market. Over the last few years, Renault has focused on establishing a strong base in India which includes a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, a world-class technology centre, two design centres, 500 sales and more than 500 service touchpoints.

Going forward, Renault will continue with its product offensive strategy in India and work towards substantially growing the Renault brand in India. Renault plans to bring several new innovations in products and services for the diversified Indian customers, the company said in a statement today.

Together with launching products of global repute, Renault has a strong ‘India strategy’ with heavy emphasis on localization in its current and future range of products, offering customers a compelling value proposition, it added.

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