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Safety is of paramount importance in NTPC mines: Partha Mazumder


RANCHI, MARCH 26, 2023

Safety is of paramount importance in NTPC mines and it has always been a priority in NTPC, said Partha Mazumder, NTPC Regional Executive Director (Coal Mining), while addressing the 3rd Tripartite Safety Committee Meeting of NTPC Coal Mines, held on Saturday at Coal Mining Headquarters (CMHQ), Ranchi under the chairmanship of Workmen Inspector (Pakri Barwadih Coal Mine) Akhilesh Kumar.

NTPC has been making all efforts to meet energy requirements of the Nation and the coal mining team will put its best efforts to ensure fuel security of NTPC, added Maazumder while expressing gratitude for the guidance and support given by DGMS to NTPC Coal Mining team.

Till date NTPC has produced 22.39 million tonnes of coal in this fiscal achieving 64% of growth over the production of 13.68 million tonnes of coal in previous year over the same period. He also shared that in line with the focus of NTPC management on integration with IT, coal mining team has also introduced digital initiatives such as e-SMP- digitised Safety Management Plan; Sachetan – safety mobile app; Khanan Drishti – web app for recording & monitoring production efficiency; Integrated Coal Management System; GPS tracking of man & machinery through LoRaWAN technology; dump slope monitoring through TLS; and HEMM simulator at Talaipalli mine.

Ujjwal Tah, Deputy Director General (South Eastern Zone), Ranchi along with other senior DGMS officials; Partha Mazumder, Regional Executive Director (Coal Mining); Shivam Shrivastava, Director Designate (Fuel) & BUH Pakri Barwadih; along with Head of Projects Badam, Dulanga and Talaipalli mines; Head of Departments of CMHQ; Mine Agents, Safety Officers, Workmen Inspectors and Lady Operators of all mines; and representatives of Mine Developers-cum-Operators of all mines were present in the meeting.

The forum was briefed about the efforts and initiatives taken by NTPC to promote a safe workplace which was followed by an open session witnessing healthy participation of electrical & mechanical supervisors, lady operators, shovel operators, dumper operators. The lady operators appreciated the workplace security and the facilities made available for them.

Ujjwal Tah appreciated the efforts of NTPC in setting the production benchmarks and implementing the recommendations of previous tripartite meetings and 12th National Safety Conference. He applauded the participation of workmen representatives in this forum and congratulated NTPC for creating a learning environment for them. He stressed upon strengthening the mine supervision for effecting safety in mines.

Akhilesh Kumar praised the efforts of pit safety committee and mine management for taking precautions to ensure safety especially in night shifts. He further mentioned that inspections are being carried out at least 2 days a week.

DGMS officials appreciated the efforts taken by NTPC to promote a safe workplace. Some points which were deliberated upon were awareness of fire safety, mine illumination, implementation of 12th National Safety Conference recommendations, annual returns, haul road maintenance, light motor vehicle movement in mines, operation during monsoon season, training facilities, medical examinations, analysis of medical cases, benefits of contractual employees, traffic density in mines, dust control at source, pit & dump slope monitoring, scientific studies for fly ash usage, etc.

Shivam Shrivastava stressed upon the importance of a forum like this which allows DGMS, NTPC management and workers to express their views and will play a constructive role in the progress of NTPC as a mining entity. He ensured that the observations of this committee will be implemented sincerely.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Somes Bandyopadhyay, Head of Project (Talaipalli).

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