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SenRa launches Netsy to simplify IoT network rollouts


NEW DELHI, OCT 7, 2022

SenRa, a pan India LoRaWAN public network operator, today announced the release of an Internet of Things (IoT) network planning and survey software, Netsy. The software is the latest edition to SenRa’s portfolio of service and solution offerings, that allow network operators to improve the quality and reliability of public and private IoT network deployments.

Netsy will be demonstrated for the first time at GITEX Technology Week 2022, from October 10-14, 2022, at Dubai World Trade Center.

SenRa had a thrilling five-year journey in the Indian IoT market, during which it has achieved significant massive-IoT milestones in a variety of verticals. During this journey, SenRa’s deep experience in solving a broad range of IoT problems has allowed them to identify the issues faced by IoT network operators, such as difficulty in visualizing and planning LPWA networks, identification of potential deployment issues, and optimization of network quality. These challenges inspired them to work on an innovative solution, which evolved into Netsy.

Netsy has been SenRa’s internal tool for a while, and its features take into account the complexities of deploying IoT networks and allow operators to achieve optimal deployment CAPEX, streamline their site survey operations & assist in advanced network monitoring.

Netsy has been designed specifically to assist the IoT community in effortlessly constructing IoT networks that are robust, scalable, and cost-effective. Its one-of-a-kind features enable operators to evaluate a project’s ROI and assist them with predictive maintenance. With Netsy, it’s effortless to roll out a LPWA network that can accomplish any business necessity in correctly foreseeing the network availability and making it an excellent software available in the market.

“We are looking forward to expanding SenRa’s presence in the Middle East market and connecting with a wider audience. We are thrilled to introduce Netsy at GITEX Technology Week 2022,” said Ali Hosseini, Chief Executive Officer of SenRa. “Netsy is a powerful tool that allows users to effortlessly plan and deploy IoT networks. We think that Netsy will be a significant contribution to the IoT ecosystem.”

Kush Mishra, CTO & COO of SenRa said, “Very proud to see Netsy evolve from a genuine need driven in-house tool to something that now our customers can leverage to plan and enhance their network quality. This is going to be a game changing advancement that was much required in the IoT deployments.”

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