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Union Bank of India secures 2nd rank in EASE reforms


MUMBAI, NOV 09, 2023

Union Bank of India is ranked 2nd as per the report on EASE Reforms Index for Q1 FY 2023-24 by Indian Banks’ Association (IBA).

Union Bank of India has been doing well in areas related to enabling various digital and digitally assisted journeys for Customer Convenience, Delivering Excellence in Customer Service with Digital Enablement, Inclusive Near-Home service delivery, Increased adoption of Cloud technologies, Automation and new operating models for Cost and Quality Excellence, Developing People and Enhancing HR operations.

The performance of Public Sector Banks is measured on four themes under EASE 6.0, in which, Union Bank of India has successfully achieved 1st Rank under the two themes i.e., “Delivering excellence in customer service with digital enablement” and “Developing people and enhancing HR operations”; and stood 2nd in two themes i.e. “Digital and analytics- driven business improvement” and “Tech and data enabled capability building.

Enhanced Access & Service Excellence (EASE) is an initiative by the Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Government of India’s part of the PSB Reforms Agenda and is currently under its sixth iteration which focuses on “Customer-friendly banking enabled by modern capabilities”.

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