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WhiteHat Jr launches ‘Create with Math’ curriculum



WhiteHat Jr, the leading EdTech company that made inroads in multiple international markets by teaching Coding to students through its live online format, has expanded its offerings by launching the ‘Create with Math’ curriculum. This foray marks the first of multiple new subjects that the company is targeting to launch over the next few months.

Currently, WhiteHat Jr’s 11,000 strong women-only teacher workforce from India, conducts more than 40,000 1:1 live online classes every day on its proprietary platform.

Highlighting the importance of the launch, Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr Founder and CEO, said,   “At WhiteHat Jr, our core philosophy has always been to empower the next generation to become creators rather than consumers by channelizing their natural creativity with an engaging curriculum and personalized live 1:1 teacher attention. The launch of ‘Create with Math’, executed with a unique tech-enabled curriculum, is a logical next step as we scale up our platform to make each child fall in love with learning. Aligned with our vision to establish the world’s largest live learning platform, we are working towards launching multiple subjects to fully enable kids’ to fulfill their creative destinies.”

The curriculum aims to empower children to be Math confident for life by making even the most Math anxious students fall in love with the subject. Anchored on US Common Core Math Standards, which is among the most rigorous global standards, the ‘Create with Math’ curriculum will cater to children from class I to VIII in India and across the world progressively. The launch follows a detailed test phase across hundreds of classes that received exceptional feedback from students, parents and teachers.

“We have carefully designed the ‘Create with Math’ curriculum to help children understand the ‘why’ behind Math and use it confidently to solve real-world problems around them. We have designed the learning experience to be like a playground – where the child interacts and builds with Math. We emphasize visual learning, build concept mastery, and deep application skills through our in-class and post-class activities,” said WhiteHat Jr’s Chief Learning Officer Balaji Ramanujam. “What’s truly meaningful about our program is that we consciously build a mathematical mindset – inspiring children to ‘learn to learn,’ accept mistakes as part of the learning process, develop grit and creativity, and work collaboratively to solve problems.”

The curriculum is brought to life by a specialized batch of highly trained and qualified all-women teacher workforce who have undergone extensive training on being math certified.

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