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Media and entertainment industry to make a matchless mark in the Amrit Kaal: Piyush Goyal


NEW DELHI, MAY 4, 2023

The media and entertainment industry will make a mark that will be matchless in the Amrit Kaal poised to be the defining moments for India, said Union Minister for Commerce and Industry, Textiles and Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Piyush Goyal.

Speaking at the FICCI Frames 2023 on Thursday, the Minister lauded the industry for its commitment to take Indian cinema on the global map.

Goyal said that the government under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is supportive to all the efforts by the media and entertainment industry to expand the frontiers of the sector globally and reach the remotest corners of the world.

He said that the media and entertainment industry can disseminate the message to the world that India is on the pathway to become a developed nation by 2047. He also said that India as the fastest growing economy of the world along with an unparalleled talent and skill base at a very competitive price offers unmatched opportunities for economic development and business growth to the world.

The Minister appreciated the industry for efficiently adopting modern technologies and cited the example of widespread use of smartphones as cameras.

Goyal said that the media and entertainment industry will grow by leaps and bounds with the emergence of digital platforms. He lauded the Indian VFX companies involved in Hollywood movies like Avatar. He said that startups are contributing to the growth of this sector significantly.

The Minister noted that the media and entertainment industry can showcase to the world, the New India of today and boost the economy, helping the country reach a new audience, influencing opinions, and spreading positivity. He said that this positivity encourages people, government and businesses to be more aspirational and look at the future with greater hope demanding better lifestyles and better business opportunities.

Goyal said that the media and entertainment industry are the cultural ambassadors of India and have given a unique identity to India. He highlighted that the media and entertainment industry has a huge potential to connect people, businesses and nations leading to a better understanding and appreciation of different cultures and conditions across the world.

The Minister said that the world is also appreciating Indian art and culture and the recent Oscar Awards for the ‘Naatu-Naatu’ song and the ‘Elephant Whisperers’ showcase this global appreciation. Goyal said that these Awards helped India convey a social message that sustainability is at the core of Indian culture and tradition. He said that the message of Naari Shakti was also effectively conveyed as the Awards highlighted that Indian women of substance are defining the New India. Shri Goyal said that these achievements are boosting the morale of billions of people.

Goyal noted that the theme ‘inspire, innovate and immerse’, is relevant to the current times as it reflects the vibrancy demonstrated by the media and entertainment industry. He said that the theme also resonates with the belief that creativity can indeed enhance commerce. He said that the industry acts as a key pillar of India’s cultural identity and cultural heritage. The Minister noted that FICCI Frames has now become an established platform in the media and entertainment sector showcasing to the world what India truly represents.

The Minister said that every artist can dream and every dreamer can succeed in New India and urged the media and entertainment industry to build an industry which entertains, empowers, enlightens and inspires the whole nation, in this journey of progress and prosperity.

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