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Aditya Aluminium’s ‘Project Sinchai’ sprinkles happiness on Sambalpur farmers



Aditya Birla Group company Aditya Aluminium’s ‘Project Sinchai’ is making a phenomenal difference to 220 people in the rural hinterland of Odisha, enriching their lives.

This collaborative project has been implemented in partnership with the Horticulture Department of the Odisha Government and farmers in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model under the Pradhan Mantri Krishak Sinchai Yojana.

“Project Sinchai, launched in January this year, has been greatly welcomed by the farming community of the Sambalpur district.  Essentially, it has resulted in a significant rise in the income of farmers. Here, 55 farmers within the proximity of the plant were encouraged to adopt the Sprinkler Irrigation System.  Each farmer was given 41 pipes (20 feet/pipe) and 9 sprinklers.  It enabled the farmers to draw water from the ponds and wells close by.  Among its other major advantages is a rise in crop productivity and reduction in water wastage, besides of course the monetary advantages,” said Sameer Nayak, Unit Head, Aditya Aluminium.

“The ease of use has made it the most sought-after irrigation facility.  Envisaged benefits include increase in crop productivity, reduction in water wastage, besides income. Adopting this modern irrigation system, farmers of Rengali Block in Sambalpur district are now growing multiple crops during the Rabi season which was not possible earlier due to lack of irrigation facility.  Farmers are reaping a rich harvest,” added Nayak.

Gagan Bihari Patra, a farmer from Sambalpur district who was finding it tough to look after his family of five due to insufficient income from farming, expresses his gratitude to Aditya Aluminium for introducing him to sprinkler irrigation system through ‘Project Sinchai’ leading to multiple crop farming, and income enhancement.

Patra owns six acres of agricultural land in which he was cultivating paddy and vegetables during the Kharif season.  Being rain-fed, it resulted in low productivity. He could not produce anything during the Rabi season due to lack of irrigation facilities. Not satisfied with his income from agriculture, he was desperate to explore ways to increase productivity. Project Sinchai provided the perfect answer.

Many farmers in the locality faced similar issues due to poor irrigation facilities, lack of modern agricultural equipment and resorting to traditional agricultural practices. Then came the Aditya Aluminium CSR team extending a helping hand to farmers like Patra through Project Sinchai and Samridhi.

“Earlier, I was growing 2-3 types of vegetables, and the quantity was just enough to meet my family’s needs.  After the sprinkler irrigation system with support from Aditya Aluminium, Lapanga, now I grow different types of vegetables in the Rabi season and am getting maximum income by selling the produce,” said Patra, while thanking the CSR wing of Aditya Aluminium for supporting his livelihood activity.

Government officials are also highly appreciative of the initiatives taken by Aditya Aluminium.

“The farmers in Rengali Block now cultivate their land during the Rabi season after adopting the sprinkler irrigation system, and their income has gone up. The CSR Team of Aditya Aluminium is very supportive of farmers and are doing their best for their welfare,” said Byomkesh Mishra, Block Agriculture Officer, Rengali, while applauding ‘Project Sinchai’.

As a responsible corporate citizen and driven by the constant motivation to give back to society, in Odisha, the Aditya Birla Group reaches out to more than 5 lakh people touching over 2 lakh lives in 128 villages. The Group’s CSR is conducted under the aegis of the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development chaired by Rajashree Birla. The Group’s vision is to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which we operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society. And raise the country’s human development index. The Group’s CSR vision is aligned with UNSDG goals to eliminate poverty and ensure freedom from hunger.

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