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Centurion University revolutionises vision care with “Healthcare on the Wheels” initiative



In a pioneering move, Centurion University, renowned for its community-centric healthcare initiatives, has unveiled the “Healthcare on Wheels” vision care vehicle, marking a historic milestone as the inaugural university-led initiative of its kind in Odisha. This transformative endeavor underscores the university’s steadfast dedication to delivering visionary healthcare solutions to rural Odisha.

For years, Centurion University has led the charge in organizing vision care camps across rural Odisha, extending vital eye care services to marginalized communities. These camps have been instrumental in diagnosing eye conditions, distributing eyewear, and raising awareness about preventative eye health measures.

Dr. Mukti Kanta Mishra, President of Centurion University, expressed profound enthusiasm for the expansion of their vision care efforts through the “Healthcare on Wheels” initiative, emphasizing the significant impact accessible eye care can have on individuals and communities. . “Our experience with vision care camps has shown us the profound impact accessible eye care can have on individuals and communities.”Healthcare on the Wheels” represents a continuation of our mission to empower underserved populations with essential healthcare services, bringing cutting-edge healthcare directly to those who need it most,” he stated.

Funded by LTIMindtree, the “Healthcare on Wheels” vision care vehicle will offer comprehensive eye tests, facilitate patient consultations with medical professionals, and provide affordable eyewear solutions. Through strategic partnerships with Essilor and a strong focus on community engagement, Centurion University aims to address the critical need for accessible eye care in rural Odisha.

Centurion University’s commitment to holistic education and community development is evident in its multifaceted approach to healthcare. The university not only delivers medical interventions through vision care camps but also raises awareness about eye health, preventative measures, and the importance of regular check-ups.

The inauguration ceremony of the vision care vehicle was graced by esteemed chief guests: Prof. Gopal Pathak, Vice-Chancellor of Sarala Birla University, and Jitendra Ghangas, Associate Director of LTIMindtree CSR & Sustainability. Both guests lauded Centurion University for its innovative approach, integration of skill development in the curriculum, and significant contributions to society.

Prof. Gopal Pathak commended Centurion University’s commitment to innovation and societal impact, underscoring the transformative potential of the “Healthcare on Wheels” initiative in enhancing healthcare accessibility in rural communities. Jitendra Ghangas applauded the university’s endeavors in addressing societal challenges and empowering communities through knowledge and resources.

As the first university in Odisha to embark on such a transformative initiative, Centurion University continues to uphold its legacy of innovation, inclusivity, and social impact, setting new benchmarks in transformative education and community engagement.

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